Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Penny's 2nd Birthday Princess Tea Party

I know it has been a loooooooooooooong time since I posted but I had to share some pictures from Penny's 2nd birthday party. She's SUPER into Disney Princesses right now, plus we are going to Disney World this December, so a Princess Tea Party seemed appropriate.

I promised myself that we would make this party super simple and low cost since we are between houses, are saving money, and were having my in-laws host. Of course "keeping it simple" isn't actually in my vocabulary though so I went a little crazy as per usual ;-)

Penny loved the princesses and balloons, but got super shy when all of her guests arrived. She spent the majority of the party hiding behind the shed, insisting that mommy or daddy hold her, or covering her eyes with her hands. We didn't sing happy birthday or blow out candles because we knew she would not deal well with the attention, and gifts were opened facing mommy on her lap so that she couldn't see everyone watching her. It still was a great party though and we loved getting to see all of our family and friends celebrate this amazing two year old!

 Please excuse all of the hoses, grills, and other misc in the background.

The banner was handmade by my awesome sister. A similar one can be found here.

 Food we kept pretty simple as it was 10am on a Saturday.

The cupcakes were made by my mother-in-law and decorated by yours truly. We got a cream cheese frosting and separated them out into 6 bowls to dye the frosting with food coloring to match each respective princess's dress. We decorated the top to look like a skirt, printed off the top half of Aurora, Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel, Rapunzel, and Belle, tapped them onto a lollipop stick, and stuck them in. Easy enough and super cute!

We also popped some popcorn, got some pink melting chips, and drizzled it over the top. Added some sprinkles for more color and voila!

Every good tea party needs some finger sandwiches. We went with PB&J, egg salad, and ham and cheese for a nice variety.

For beverages we went with "Rapunzel's Magic Golden Flower Juice" (orange juice), "Snow White's Posion-Free Apple Juice", and then of course a tea party needs tea, so we had classic iced tea compliments of Cinderella.

We also dipped some strawberry wafer cookies in almond bark and sprinkled with gold sprinkles for the centerpieces. Unfortunately we didn't get a good picture of those but they were simple, adorable, and delicious!

And now for some general party pics. Notice how enthused Penny seems about all the attention ;-) Love this girl, though! She's too dang sweet for her own good!

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