Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Week 20: Halfway and Getting Girly!

Baby Legg is a GIRL!!!!!! I'm so beyond thrilled!

We had our appointment Monday morning and got to take home a ton of pictures of Baby Girl Legg:

Here's one where she looks like she's melting

We almost didn't get to find out she is a girl though because the stubborn mule kept sitting on her legs! After almost an hour of checking over things over, the technician sent me to the bathroom to see if emptying my bladder would get her to move. I tried that (plus some jumping up and down in the bathroom that I am convinced is what got her to flip) and we were able to get a clear shot. She's estimated to be about 13oz right now and everything is right on track so we're keeping our due date of August 24th.

After the appointment, Jon and I went to my parents' for lunch and then went on an extensive fabric shopping trip with his parents and brother. If I never have to look at fabric again it will be too soon. We were looking for three prints/fabrics a piece for each of the three colors: teal, coral, and yellow. My issue is that I have a very specific picture in my head of what I want, and when I can't find it I get really frustrated and overwhelmed. I'm very grateful for how patient Jimm and Karen were with me, though, as we looked through every roll of fabric in two stores and a giant warehouse (SR Harris fabrics in Brooklyn Park). In the end, we ended up with three yellow, three teal, and two coral (so we still have one more shopping trip to do I guess :-/ ) that I'm very happy with.

After a dinner break at Cheesecake Factory where I got this beast to take home with me...

Reese's Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake Cheesecake (even the name could give you type 2 diabetes)

...we headed to Ikea for some speed shopping since we arrived only an hour before close. We picked up some drawer organizers, some shelves for Baby Girl's library, several picture frames, a replacement rug for the living room, and this beauty to glam out baby's room:

BUT the shopping hasn't ended there! Yesterday at work I made a few more purchases....

And then today I bought this set of three headbands...
My absolute favorite purchase so far though has to be the custom order of Disney princess silhouettes Etsy seller MonkeyCs put together for me. I ordered just the silhouettes (not framed or matted) of Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, Aurora, Snow White, and Jasmine in various sizes that I'll be matting on some scrapbook paper I found at Crafts Direct yesterday to hang in the nursery.
If you can't tell, I'm kind of loving having a girl to look forward to. My wallet, on the other hand....not so much. I think I may have to put myself on a shopping hiatus for a little while or we'll be in the poor house by the time she gets here!

How far along? 20 weeks...HALF WAY! 
Total weight gain/loss: I'm up a whopping total of.....4 lbs. Lame. My pre-pregnancy weight was a bit higher than where I like to be so we can pretend I'm actually up more than that since I'll have more to lose more once baby comes.
Maternity clothes? I've been wearing a couple of my Old Navy maternity shirts just for funsies, but it's totally not necessary. Most of my old clothes will still stretch over my protruding belly with the help of the belly band or leggings. Side note here: it is April 10th today and we have snow in the forecast. I might cry. My growing body is begging for sundresses!
Sleep? Has been pretty elusive. Saturday I was wide awake at 3am for the rest of the morning...Monday was 2am. I just wake up extremely alert and ready to be awake at really odd hours. It's weird...
Stretch marks? Keeping up with my Bio Oil every night and nothing so far! I think it helps that I'm gaining so slowly right now, so I'm hoping they continue to stay away as I start packing on the pounds.
Best moment this week: Seeing Baby Legg and getting to go shopping for GIRL stuff!
Miss Anything? Sleeping
Movement: Um, yeah. Small flutters here and there from last week have quickly progressed to full on kicks pretty much 24-7. I am at a total loss as to when/if this kid sleeps because she never lets up on the kicking! Jon even got to feel a particularly powerful one Monday morning when we were awake at 2:30am watching Biggest Loser to try and get me back to sleep. During our ultrasound we got to watch her kicking the crap out of the side of uterus!
Food Cravings: Cheesecake, raw tuna (which I know I can't have, but I wanted the seared tuna salad at Cheesecake Factory so bad, though!), peanut butter cups....oh, and pizza with ranch dressing! I had never eaten that before pregnancy, but this week I've wanted it pretty much all day every day. I also bought two more flavors of the Mio water enhancers (blueberry lemonade and strawberry watermelon) to try and help with my water intake which I can't seem to keep up with. My calcium intake has been pretty lacking, too....and my protein intake....pretty much everything besides my cake and ice cream intake!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Meat, but I'm starting to warm up to the idea of giving it a try again...
Have you started to show yet: Definitely
Gender: GIRL! :-D
Pregnancy Symptoms: I really have nothing to complain about EXCEPT back pain! I've had back problems since I was a kid, but for the past three or four weeks it has been absolutely horrendous, particularly in my lower back on the right side. I'll get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and cry out in pain when I put weight on my right leg. I finally learned how to adjust my chair at work and that has helped some, but the pain is pretty persistent. Doctor says that I could try a chiropractor, but it probably won't completely fix the problem until Baby Girl moves up and gets off of my tail bone. Other than that though, no real constipation, heartburn, headaches, or any other 2nd trimester trademarks so I'm feeling pretty good!
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy! Happy! Happy!
Looking forward to: Baby Expo at the Civic Center this weekend and the weather warming up so I can live in dresses and we can start painting the nursery!


  1. The sleep habits... I can tell you from experience that it's preparation for when baby arrives and you have to learn to function with little to no sleep.


  2. You look beautiful Allie! I love your dress (shirt? Whatever it is I love it :)). And those silhouettes are fantastic...can't wait to see what they look like framed and matted!

  3. Congratulations a girl, so many pairs of cute shoes later on! You look wonderful and so happy, sorry about the back hope it's not too bad.