Sunday, July 14, 2013

Nursery Reveal

The finishing touches on the nursery are finally complete and I can't wait to share it with you! The pictures don't even remotely do it justice...I'm so in love! Here's your first view as you enter the room:

And then some panoramic shots from inside the room:

And now for some detail shots:

The Kristaller Chandelier ended up looking great in the room but it was kind of a pain in the butt to hang up. It came with an adjustable chain that it hung from the ceiling on, but the shortest that the chain would go left it hanging at about head height due to a long pole that was not adjustable. Why they won't make the pole removable or allow you to shorten it more, I don't know, but Jon had to McGyver a solution by cutting and removing the chain and the pole, clipping and shortening the wires, and purchasing a new plate to attach it to the ceiling. I'm so happy with the results, though!

Also notice the perfection of the stripe on the top of the wall. I'm so impressed with how well this turned out as I can never seem to get a straight line without bleeding when painting. The technique we used was one I had found online a few weeks prior and it worked like an absolute dream and was really simple. I will be posting a tutorial on it soon so watch for that coming up!

For the silhouettes, I did a custom listing with seller MonkeyCs. She did all of the princess cutouts for me in the sizes I requested and then I purchased scrapbook paper from a local craft store to mount them on and displayed them in Ikea frames. LOVE them! Cute and girly but still modern.

We were looking to fill an empty spot on the wall but were worried about putting up something too overwhelming or distracting since we already have so much going on in the room. Then it hit me...what better then Baby Girl's own chalkboard?!

We've already begun the organization of the Baby Girl's drawers with these awesome drawer organizers from Ikea. They worked great in the changing table and we already have a bunch purchased for her clothes, though we're holding off on organizing that until after our last couple of baby showers.

Glass Canisters (received as gift) Similar here

The containers were a wedding present from my family that work perfectly to display the already crazy amount of headbands and bows we have for Baby Girl. The two adorable stuffed animals were crocheted by a co-worker.

The drapes were made by us with help from my mother in law. The roman-style shade part at the top was actually super easy! We took a yard of pink fabric and made pockets about 1.5 inches wide on the top and bottom for the rods to go through (just fold over the fabric and sew, leaving a 1.5 inch gap). We then put a tension rod through the top and bottom, as well as two tension rods in front of the curtain evenly spaced out. Then we just pulled the fabric over to cover the rods and voila! Better instructions with pictures can be found here.

The toy baskets were another project I enlisted my mother-in-law's help for, and she did a great job with them! The original idea was to store the baskets under the crib, but the crib ended up being too low to the ground to fit the baskets we had purchased. I actually have grown to really like the look of them though and kind of like them sitting out displayed. We got the baskets at the dollar store and then I found the fabric at a local craft store and my mother-in-law constructed the liners. 

One of the first ideas I fell in love with when looking for ideas for the nursery was displaying her ever growing library. We got picture ledges at Ikea for $10 a piece that worked great!

Baby Girl already has a pretty well stocked closet going! Notice the blue interior? That was all me, baby ;-)

The closet organizers were another idea that I wanted to incorporate, but I couldn't justify spending the money on them that I was seeing online so I decided to make my own. I bought some thick foam sheets from a local craft store and then full sheet printable labels. I found cute background designs that I liked online and used Photoshop to fit them into CD templates that I could print out onto the labels. Using the labels as a guide, I cut out the foam in the shape I wanted and used a box cutter to cut out the center circle. Super easy project and super cheap and you can do it with any design that fits your nursery.

The painting we had bought at Pier One before we even knew I was pregnant for a future baby room. I was worried it wouldn't end up working with the nursery design I had come up with but I think it adds a fun flair to the room.

And then, of course, the amazing quilt that the whole room was inspired off of made by my amazing mother-in-law:

And that's it! Again, pictures just simply can't do it justice. It is even better then I had imagined! Thank you to everyone who helped!!


  1. Your nursery looks beautiful! I think I am going to look for those book shelves at Ikea....I hadn't thought of that idea, and I have a wall where they would go perfectly in my nursery!

  2. do you have any info on how you shortened the wires (how short, did you cut off the plastic pieces that were clipped to the wires, etc.)

  3. You guys did a great job! I especially love the elephant form pier 1.

  4. Wow Allie: your nursery is so beautiful, I love everything about it, especially the princess silhouettes and that impressive tutu collection!

  5. As a rule I actively dislike ombre anything. But that tall dresser is perfect!