Saturday, February 2, 2013

Nursery Brainstorming

I've got so many ideas crammed into my head and so many projects I want to start in on! Patience is definitley not my greatest virtue.

If it's a boy, I'm thinking orange/turquoise/grey:

I also really love this room inspiration that I found, but it would be really difficult to incorporate the beautiful elephant painting I bought at Pier 1 awhile back. I still have to share though because it is amazing!

If it's a girl, my original inspiration came from this picture:

While I love the color scheme and the design, it's a little funkier then I envisioned for Baby Legg. Then I found this:

I love, love, LOVE this color scheme and the relaxed, vintage vibe. Both girl nursery inspirations feature a rug from Urban Outfitters I found awhile back (even before Baby Legg) that I had bookmarked for a future baby room. I'm planning on ordering it in blue or grey for a girl room or orange for a boy:
I'm crossing my fingers that it is still available in 9 weeks when I can start ordering!

The thing I'm most excited for right now is picking out fabrics for the bedding, drapes, and quilt! Jon's mom is a great quilter and I can't wait for her to make our first baby quilt....I already even have the design picked out. I love this herringbone quilt I found when looking for nursery inspiration:

I've become kind of obsessed with scouring for beautiful baby fabrics, but did you know that modern, cute fabrics are REALLY expensive?! Like $8 for 1/2 a yard expensive? Dang....I may have to slum it a little with my beautiful fabric dreams.


Now only 9 more weeks to wait before we can get going!

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